5 Clothing Items You Should Have In Your Wardrobe

Clothing items are to the body what food is to the stomach. They make us feel comfortable, satisfied and ready to conquer the world. The more qualitative, comforting and pleasing to the eye, the better.

Every individual has his preferences when it comes to clothes. The preferences may be in colour or the make itself but there are five clothing items that your wardrobe should definitely not miss out on. 

Gowns: Everyone (almost) loves gown. Gowns are a woman’s best friend because come rain comes sunshine, you have a gown to save the day. Gowns are perhaps the only item that can be worn on every single occasion and that can fit that occasion whether wedding ceremony or something less merry. Gowns are also great work buddys.

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Maxi Skirts: Skirts can come in cuts but maxi skirts have proven to be the most comfortable and versatile. Maxi skirts are much preferred by people who are schooling because it gives them an unhinged freedom to roam about the day.

Headwear: Caps and turbans are really in fashion and you should have many gracing your wardrobe. Apart from the fact that caps ensure that no sneaky strand of hair escapes, it also makes you a lot more fashionable and makes any dressing complete. Turbans can be worn with any clothing item and that is why having plenty in your wardrobe is always a good idea. 

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The LBD: When in doubt, get a long black dress. Many people are more conversant with the traditional Abaya, but a long black dress does not necessarily have to be an Abaya. A long black dress will save you during ‘what to wear’ moments because you can never go wrong with those anytime, anyday.

Kimono: Kimono’s are usually throwovers and that’s what makes them so much in demand. Kimono’s are convenient items of clothing that are be worn usually over camisoles and skirts and they are mostly light and airy, perfect for a hot weather. For your casual outings, always know that kimonos have your back.

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So there, 5 clothing items that should be indispensable to every woman’s wardrobe. Comment below if you have all of them or is there still some space in your closet? Then what are you waiting for?

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