5 Fashion Don’t (Seriously Don’t Do It)

Even though being innovative, creative and trendy is a big part of the art in fashion, you still need to be guided so that colours do not riot and trend does not become fail.
Armed with these definite ‘no no’s’ you can definitely avoid plenty fashion fails.

-Don’t follow all trends- Not all fashion trends are worth being emulated… some are actually horrible and a few years later when the trend is over, you’ll find yourself regretting ever letting the wave carry you along.
Trends are meant to be followed only when they seat well with you and sometimes when everyone is wearing the same thing, you stand out more when you wear something different.

-Don’t turn a blind eye to colour- Saying ‘whatever, no one will notice this hideous colour mishap anyway or I can manage… if manage comes to mind… ditch it, better safe than sorry.

-Don’t ignore wardrobe malfunction signs- I know you may desperately want to wear that dress because you’ve been planning to for the past few months but you should never take a chance on that faulty zipper or that stitch that’s becoming undone or that shoe that’s tearing apart at the sole but it might embarrass you, save yourself the embarrassment and get another option.

-Don’t be afraid to try something new- In a room where everyone is rocking red, the one in white will always be different. The same thing in trying something new, you will always be different, and who knows, you might become a trendsetter and fashion icon for always exploring new designs.

-Don’t go overboard- Yes creating something new is awesome but do mot ho overboard while at it… fashion requires subtle changes, drastic ones might we unwelcome and they might seem harsh and sudden. So in setting the pace, take it easy.

Fashion is a statement, but sometimes without the right eye or judgement, it can become a disaster. How many fashion offences have you committed? How was your experience?

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