Trendy Fashion Do’s

Fashion, like every other thing, has some rules- even though unwritten – guarding its sanctity. This means that it is a fashion sin to just throw together an ensemble just because you feel like it.

Here are some fashion “Do’s” for you to carry into 2020:

-Complimenting colours
Even though the latest trends are pointing towards colour combination, those colours should complement each other.
An ensemble made of different colours thrown carelessly together can be a sore sight.

-Flattering Clothes- You have to know your body and know what goes best with your body size and shape. Clothes that look good on mannequins and models most likely will not look good on you except they are free size or you are of the same size as the model.
Get clothes that flatter your skin tone and body.

-Knock yourself out- When creating a look, make sure you have fun and knock yourself out, it’s one of the rules of fashion. It’s called taking a calculated risk, to see if you can pull off a half kimono on a maxi skirt for example. Not everyday conventional dressing.

-Invest in what you own- Many times, there really is no need in acquiring new clothes, invest in what you already have instead. Try matching up those clothing pieces and create new looks… who knows, you might be a trendsetter.

-Go for comfort- Wearing a heavy coat in August in the name of fashion is really just an unnecessary punishment. Always chase comfort. Make sure your clothes are airy and breezy in the hot season and heavy in the cold season. Make sure you ditch those tight pants for some loose ones as long as you are comfortable rocking them.

Have you already taken these tips into 2020? Well here’s a challenge, send your pictures to Style by Ariga rocking your fashion do’s.

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