Why We Must Practice Social Distancing (Plus 10 Activities To Do During It)


Whether you are a student, a worker or a business person, you have definitely been instructed to limit your socialization within the next month by staying majorly at home except when the need arises. This is in order to slow down and minimize the spread of COVID-19 among the masses.

While many people have taken steps by stocking their supplies at home, others still exhibit doubts about the authenticity of the virus and are roaming about freely without taking precautionary measures. Thus, it is best for us to try and keep to ourselves pending the hopeful good news of the virus’s disappearance.

Social distancing means not going to work, school or public areas, not using public transport or having visitors to your home. 

Nigeria has closed down institutions, schools, offices and non-essential shops as well as advising social gatherings with friends and families to stop. 


Social distancing, refers to creating physical distance between people rather than preventing social connection. On the contrary, it is more important than ever to connect with colleagues, friends and family for emotional support – even if you are physically separated from them. Fortunately, this can happen virtually.

You want to avoid opportunities for transmission, so you can talk to people on the phone and you can talk to people at a distance but you want to minimise the chances they will come into contact with you directly


If you think you may have the virus,  you should try to isolate or quarantine yourself.

Isolation and quarantine help protect the public by preventing exposure to people who have or may have a contagious disease.

Where isolation separates sick people with a quarantinable communicable disease from people who are not sick, quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick.
While in isolation, you are told to stay for fourteen days in a separate place, wear a mask or ensure people who contact you physically have masks on and to stay in a well ventilated room, with a window to the outside that can be opened.
The person should take in plenty fluids, vitamins and cough syrup as the symptoms may require.
Usually for healthy adults, if the virus eventually manifests, the symptoms may clear within a week.

This means that pending that time you should:
• Stay at home
• Do not go to work, school and other public areas
• Do not use public transport and taxis
• Get friends and family to delivery food, medicines etc rather than going to the shops.
• Discourage visitors 


Here are ideas of productive things you can do while in self-isolation:

1- Start A journal. Write the things you have always wanted to tell.

2- Establish spiritual connection. And if you have, then strengthen the connection.
Learn more about your faith and how to become a better faithful.

3-Read. Read fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, journals, articles, educational books… just read for productivity.

4- Family Time. Time to actually catch up on each other’s lives.

5-Meditate. Try to meditate for ten minutes each morning. Reflect on your life, past , achievements and goals in life.

6- Get in touch with family and friends. Remember those old friends whose names have developed cobwebs of neglect on your contact list? Now is the time to get in touch.

7- Chess, Sudoku, Ludo, Monopoly, Scrabble, Crossword puzzle? All these are great activities you can do with your family.

8-That skincare routine you’ve been ignoring because no time? Now there’s time.

9- Practice a new craft. Whether sewing, crochet, painting, baking etc. Try your hands on a new craft.

10- Finally. Abide by all the rules of self-isolation, stay safe.

Social distancing is the very necessary measure that has been effected all over the world to curb the spread of Coronavirus.
What have you been doing in the first few days since the government has implemented this measure? Share lets borrow a leaf from your book.

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